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Natural weight loss success stories

Natural weight loss success stories

She worked losw six days a week and ran for cardio. Kevin Gendreau decided it wuccess time to change Natural weight loss success stories life. It Liver health improvement until she went partially blind and was diagnosed with early symptoms of multiple sclerosisa chronic neurological disease, that she was forced to reevaluate her lifestyle. His life changed when a woman came through his line at the grocery store where he worked. Natural weight loss success stories

Natural weight loss success stories -

Soon, he was walking six miles a day. He then added incline walks on the treadmill and weightlifting to his fitness regimen. His new routine helped him drop from pounds to under pounds in three years. Helen Woldemichael tried different quick-fix workout plans and diets to no avail.

What finally helped her shed some pounds: Adopting healthy, sustainable habits, like getting outdoors and cooking for herself more. She started making trips to the gym a regular part of her week and committed to consistency. Amanda Kurtz, 29, struggled with her weight for most of her adult life, even after making major lifestyle changes.

So Kurtz decided to undergo weight-loss surgery, getting a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in May. The major surgery was anything but easy, and Kurtz had to re-learn how to eat after the procedure.

But she's stuck with a healthy diet and a new exercise routine. The result: Her weight has dropped below pounds for the first time she can recall. And she feels better than ever. A few simple changes helped Kathryn Dickie accomplish her weight-loss goal: She started walking home from work every day, working out with a personal trainer, monitoring her carb intake, and cutting out the excess sugar she used to add to her daily cup of tea.

She stuck with her new habits, and her hard work paid off. When Haley Smith, 24, got engaged, she realized she wasn't totally comfortable with her body.

She vowed to commit to healthy eating as her wedding day approached. The bride-to-be changed her eating habits for the better, and she started working out three times a week. A year and a half later, by her wedding date, Smith had lost pounds. Blogger Rebecca Grafton, 26, absolutely hated running, but she embraced the workout as a way to shape up before a vacation in Jamaica.

She started running three times a week, increasing her duration on the treadmill as her stamina increased. And she coupled her workouts with a nutritious, balanced diet, too. Grafton stuck with her healthy habits long after her Jamaican vacation, and in two years she lost pounds.

She recently ran a half marathon, like a badass. In , Katye Hennick started feeling insecure about her size. She decided to take her weight-loss goals seriously, and committed to working out six days a week first thing in the morning!

In five years she lost 90 pounds, and she's healthier, happier, and stronger than ever. Kerry Swift, 27, started taking pictures of the healthy, balanced meals she was eating, and she shared the images with her thousands of followers. The "public" food diary kept Swift committed to a healthy diet, and she lost 84 pounds in 19 months.

Lauren Haden, 22, made a few small, powerful changes to shed the Freshman Exercise became a regular part of her life, she started making conscious choices about what she ate, and she focused on building a healthy support system. He also documented his weight loss on social media as a way to stay accountable and inspire others.

The habits he learned at Live in Fitness allowed him to lose pounds in a year-and-a-half — and finally live the life he wanted. Well they have been saying JUSTDOIT for years. So pounds later I DID IT. High school sweethearts Amber and Beau noticed the pounds slowly started to add up after they welcomed their first child in At their heaviest, Amber and Beau weighed pounds and pounds, respectively.

The weight gain took a toll on their energy levels, sex life, and marriage, with Beau saying they considered divorce at one point. The couple eventually embarked on a weight loss journey, making small steps like swapping ground beef for ground turkey and walking.

In the first month, they lost 30 pounds each. As of September , Amber has lost pounds and Beau has lost pounds. Their clothes, however, were still those of their former weights. The two appeared on "The Rachael Ray Show," where they received post-weight loss makeovers.

Ray was stunned by the results — as were Amber and Beau. Now, almost two years later, the couple has lost a combined pounds — and counting. The key to their weight loss success was trading in TV viewing for joint exercising.

Working out with your partner has been shown to improve both your relationship and your fitness , so it makes sense that once the Reeds started replacing TV time with workout time things changed.

In order to keep herself accountable and inspire others, Lexi began documenting her weight loss journey on the he Instagram account FatGirlFedUp. In , blogger Jaqueline Adan embarked on a weight loss journey that would change her life. According to her website, she hit rock bottom that year when she stepped on the scale and saw she weighed pounds.

From that day forward, Adan took a natural approach to weight loss that involved joining Jenny Craig and exercising more. Cut to December , when Adan had lost more than pounds and undergone two skin removal surgeries to remove the excess skin left by her transformation. Despite the weight loss and surgeries, however, Adan still faces criticism for her figure.

In September , she took to Instagram to talk about a particular body-shaming moment she encountered on vacation. I still felt like that same pound girl then it happened," she wrote. Rather than hide, she "took a deep breath, smiled and walked into the pool.

I know it is hard," she told the website. Only you know what you are going through and only you have the power inside yourself to be truly happy. Read next.

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Margaret Hewitson: pounds lost. Paul Garland: pounds lost. Fay Marshall: pounds lost. Laura Eastel: pounds lost. James Johnson: pounds lost.

Andrew Dasselaar: pounds lost. Adam Moffat: pounds lost. Jessica Beniquez: pounds lost. Janice and William Robertson: combined pounds lost.

More Brands NBC News Logo MSNBC Logo. Facebook Pinterest Email SMS Print Whatsapp Reddit Pocket Flipboard Twitter Linkedin. On The Show Shop Wellness Parents Food Life TODAY Plaza. My Weight-Loss Journey My Weight-Loss Journey — find out how real people lost hundreds of pounds.

Courtesy Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Weight-loss medication taught Santiago Lopez to pay attention to how food makes him feel and to manage his portion sizes. By walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day after school, Alexis Garcia saw her weight drop, sleep improve and triglycerides return back to normal.

From deciding which foods to eat to choosing the best exercise, here are the habits that helped her slim down and keep the weight off. Megan Tjelle went viral on TikTok when she shared how she lost pounds by walking, and using weight-loss medication Wegovy to push past a plateau.

My Weight-Loss Journey — find out Low-calorie diet and exercise routine succees people lost sucdess of pounds. Diets and bariatric surgery didn't help, and she had an elevated A1C. What finally worked was semaglutide. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Etories the stodies part of the journey to any goal is keeping motivated. Natural weight loss success stories at SELF we love to celebrate the success Low-calorie diet and exercise routine shccess who have decided to wweight their health and happiness Ideal body. Here ztories have Food log journal together some of our favorite stories from the last year showing how women, armed with determination, self-love, and motivating communities, set, reached, and often exceeded their goals to lead healthier, fitter, more satisfied lives. In these cases, weight loss was the intention, but by dedicating themselves to healthy habits each woman got so much more than that. If you have a history of disordered eating, you should talk to your doctor before going after any weight-loss goals.

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