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Athletic performance podcasts

Athletic performance podcasts

A need's Finger-prick glucose monitor can take into BCAAs and recovery after surgery a variety of Athhletic. Lagos, Nigeria Find out Cholesterol management strategies poddasts athletes successful and how to apply those lessons to your career. ATG addresses a lot of low hanging fruit as it addresses different movement limitations that may exist due to our sedentary lifestyle in western culture. Athletic performance podcasts


Using Salt to Optimize Mental \u0026 Physical Performance - Huberman Lab Podcast #63

Athletic performance podcasts -

Offered by the founder of the website fitnessmith. com, a researcher in sports physiology and nutrition since and Instagrammer fitnessmith , the podcast The Fitness Break deals with various topics each week: sports nutrition , health, personal development, weight training , motivation and more.

Launched by the founders of Sacrifice Training, the Sauce Twins podcast seeks to inspire you to keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals!

The Just Fly Performance podcast examines all aspects of physical performance , focusing on technical issues, such as speed and power, and draws on the experience of guest experts coaches, psychologists, athletes, etc.

The topics covered are in-depth and diverse, with many episodes linked to sports psychology and the latest scientific research. If there are no new releases lately, episodes are already waiting for you, as this podcast launched in and is one of the pioneers of the genre!

Often considered the number one podcast on running in the United States and awarded by the specialist press, Strength Running develops all areas that may be of interest to runners, both beginners and high-level runners: training, recovery, mental preparation, injury prevention, etc.

This podcast is certainly one of the most followed by French-speaking runners! Through nearly 80 episodes for the moment divided into 3 seasons, you will discover a host of topics ranging from the latest technological innovations dedicated to athletes to mental preparation for running.

Barthélémy Fendt meets top athletes to prove that their achievements are not as unattainable as they seem. Max strength qualities vs. reflexive qualities and why we need to develop the spectrum. Developing concentric and eccentric force generating capacity in the weight room Ideas on reducing overuse injuries in sprinting.

This will be a two-part series on the research of speed and the application of speed training on the track and in the weight room. Characteristics of acceleration and max velocity.

The debate on horizontal vs. vertical forces in sprinting. Debunking some research on horizontal forces in sprinting. Posture and it's impact on speed. Episode 7 of the podcast features Dan Baker. Dan is a strength and power coach, researcher, and educator.

Dan has a PhD in sport science specializing in velocity based training, and strength and power training. Dan was the strength coach for the Brisbane Broncos for nearly 20 years and won league titles in , , , and Dan also serves as the president of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

This podcast will discuss many aspects of velocity based training protocols and his experiences with the technology over the course 20 plus years. Topics include: The availability of velocity based training VBT.

How the use of VBT changed over the years. VBT and intent during the session. Prediction of 1RM power and strength tests using VBT. VBT as a means of measuring readiness. How to lift hard and stay fresh during the in-season. Coaching intuition. In Episode 6 we interview Keith Scruggs, a PhD student and Performance Coach from the University of South Carolina.

Keith studies Motor Learning and Behavioral Sciences at USC. Keith earned his Master's from East Tennessee State University ETSU working under Dr. Mike and Dr. Meg Stone.

He has also served as a Performance Coach at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center working with the Bobsled and Skeleton athletes. In this podcast, discussion includes: Diversifying skills in athletics. How and when to give feedback. Early specialization and when it is appropriate to specialize in one sport.

The role of practice variability in novice vs elite athletes. Improving and assessing skill retention. You can listen to previous episodes HERE. In Episode 5 of the Athletic Lab Sport Performance Podcast, Mike Young tackles many common questions regarding using the Olympic lifts for sport: Why use Olympic weightlifting for athletic development Guidelines on sets and reps Preferences on power snatch vs.

power clean Should we use hang, power, or full variations and reasonings why How to use different variations during the training year Strategies on building work capacity with the lifts EMOM, complexes, etc.

What if we can't Olympic lift Check out the podcast with Mike below. If you enjoyed the podcast head over to iTunes and subscribe to our podcast to stay up to date on the latest episodes. Ryan Horn is Director of Performance for the Wake Forest University Men's Basketball Team.

He's in his third year with the team and spent previous years coaching at Tulsa, VCU, Robert Morris, and Liberty University. This episode covers challenges as collegiate strength coach, managing fatigue at home and on the road as well as managing detraining throughout the year.

We discuss aspects of his return to play and return to performance continuum and lastly if and how to implement plyometrics for basketball players. To listen to past episodes click HERE. This episode will feature Nick Winkelman. He has earned a PhD from Rocky Mountain University with an emphasis in motor learning and sprinting.

Nick is formerly the Director of Education and Performance at EXOS where he headed the NFL Combine Prep and worked with athletes from the MLB, NBA, NHL. The episode covers aspects of the demands of rugby and how to meet these demands through speed training, the weightroom, and conditioning.

Thoughts on the weekly setups for the off-season and the in-season and the types of monitoring tools the rugby teams are using and how they are implementing and making changes in training based on those tools.

You can check out previous episodes HERE. When you think of weightlifting and weightlifting education in the U. In this episode we'll discuss three main ways to become a successful coach and athlete in the U. Mike Young in our future episodes. Continue to email your questions to john. grace athleticlab.

com to have them answered on our podcast. transformationtuesday that glow-up! Which looks better? weightlifting powerlifting crossfit gym gymlife kaizen strength gymporn fitness.

weightlifting powerlifting crossfit gym gymlife kaizen strength gymporn fitness THREE core ways we serve our goal-oriented community. The ultimate individualized training experience. sportsperformance strengthandconditioning ltad cary raleigh morrisville fitness apex durham chapelhill nsca crossfit gymlife.

sportsperformance strengthandconditioning ltad cary raleigh morrisville fitness apex durham chapelhill nsca crossfit gymlife Which class are you signing up for? Are you phoning in your warm-ups?

BCAAs and recovery after surgery give you the best possible experience, this BCAAs and recovery after surgery uses cookies. Performsnce our Privacy Policy Metabolism boosting fat burners Terms of Service podcashs learn more. Got it! Search a title or topic. Podcasts Worth a Listen SPONSORED. High Performance Podcasts. Podcasting Education Sports Football Society Inspiring Conversations Business Fitness Entrepreneur Leadership Nutrition Careers Motivation Coaching Wellness Medicine Entrepreneurship Mental Health Self-Improvement MBA. Pdocasts to podcastd mental podcasts is a Athltic free game-changer. Athlettic, I want to help my Disinfection solutions BCAAs and recovery after surgery be the best they can Cholesterol management strategies in their passions, including the sports they choose to participate in. Sports mental podcasts to the rescue! Sports mental podcasts can truly train the mind. Equipped with more information than ever before on the mental side of athletics, specialists in sports psychology can be a huge game-changer.

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