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Vitality-boosting vegetables

Vitality-boosting vegetables

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Vitality-boosting vegetables -

Finding your focus and flow can be troublesome too. No matter what you are wor­king on at the moment, to feel filled with enough energy to create, your body needs to be nourished. How and when you eat is also just as important as what you eat, with some eating habits more likely to cause lethargy than liveliness.

If you experience regular fluctuations in energy, it can often be attributed to erratic blood sugar levels. There are a host of reasons why you may be feeling a slump in energy levels, many of which are simple to overcome.

Poor digestion and detoxification results in fatigue. You may also find that low iron stores — especially common in women and vegetarians — are at the root of your problem.

To enhance your creativity , feel alert, and full of energy you need optimum levels of neurotransmitters or brain messengers, balanced blood sugar levels and a steady stream of nutrients, which are best obtained from a varied and balanced diet.

To process the fuel into energy you also need a range of micro-nutrients. It can also help to take supplements, but that they are just that — supplements to a good diet.

By making a few simple changes to what you eat during the day, you can improve your energy levels and increase your motivation, creativity and concentration too. For vitality, vigor and vim read on.

Eat to Boost Your Energy. Ask your SignatureMD-affiliated doctor about your individual needs. However, not all servings are created equal. A serving of veggies is considered one cup of raw or cooked vegetables, one cup of vegetable juice, or two cups of leafy salad greens. But regardless of whether you eat your veggies fresh, frozen, dried, canned, whole, mashed or juiced, they all count toward your daily dose of needed nutrients and fresh flavor.

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