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Reversing sun damage

Reversing sun damage

Laser resurfacing may be used to minimize wrinkles Reversing sun damage fine Rfversing. Another helpful in-office Reversing sun damage, which is often covered by insurances, is photodynamic therapy PT. Then the laser takes 15 minutes. While the sun can also cause hyperpigmentation on its own, additional sun exposure can further darken spots. Reversing sun damage

Reversing sun damage -

Evidence of those carefree and unprotected hours in the sun now show up on your face, chest, neck and arms. It shows up as sun-damaged skin. The signs appear as fine to medium wrinkles, sagging skin, freckles, uneven pigmentation, and dark spots.

Sometimes they show up as precancerous lesions or skin cancer. The first step in reversing sun damaged skin is preventing further damage. Victor Ross, MD , a board-certified dermatologist at Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley. Preventing sun damage is easier than reversing it.

Measures include wearing protective clothing, using sunscreen and avoiding tanning beds. Ross says. Ross adds. People who are fair skinned or have a family history of skin cancer should be extra vigilant about sun protection.

Southern Californians in general should be careful about sun exposure since they are exposed to more intense sunlight more days of the year than people living in more temperate climates.

Interventions for sun damage vary. They range from daily use topical creams and gels to chemical and mechanical skin peels and laser treatments. These treatments can temporarily fade uneven pigment, smooth roughened or wrinkled skin, shrink pores and even restart collagen production.

There are also red and brown age spots, broken blood vessels as well as wrinkling and sagging of the skin. These compounds, chemically derived from vitamin A, encourage skin cells to slough off and renew themselves, improving skin cell turnover cycles.

They also stimulate collagen production, lighten brown spots and, in theory, reduce the size of pores. Antioxidants can slow the signs of aging, reduce UV damage to skin and help reduce the breakdown of collagen.

Sun damage slows the rate at which skin cells turn over or replace themselves. This causes dull, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and even blemishes and clogged pores.

Chemical exfoliants can stimulate faster skin cell turnover. Whitening or brightening cosmetics typically include hydroquinone, an ingredient shown to have skin-lightening properties.

The technical term for these changes is "photoaging," and while most people know photoaging as the face of sun damage, other types of damage can occur, depending on which type of UV ray enters the skin.

King says. Read more: Still Using Last Year's Sunscreen? Here's How to Tell If It's Expired. King and Dr. Bard both say it's possible to partially reverse -- a better word is "treat" -- some types of sun damage.

If you have discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines or other characteristics of photoaged skin, a dermatologist can help you smooth out your skin. It usually requires a combination of multiple modalities to address the different components of sun damage, she clarifies.

Certain at-home treatments might help, too. King says humectants and emollients can hydrate and smooth the skin to keep it looking plump, which is particularly important for dry skin.

Anti-aging topicals, such as retinoids , antioxidants, peptides and alpha-hydroxy acids can also help, Dr. Topical retinoids are the most proven anti-aging topical option, she says. These compounds are "very powerful and able to produce significant changes in the skin.

They increase the turnover of skin cells, increase collagen production and decrease discoloration," as well as reduce pore clogging, Dr. Read more: Blue Light Exposure Can Harm Your Whole Face, Not Just Your Eyes.

While you can treat the aesthetic effects of sun damage, you unfortunately can't reduce or reverse DNA damage caused by the sun, Dr. The cell needs to be destroyed by an outside modality or by the body," she explains. UV radiation is a known human carcinogen, Dr.

King reminds me. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation , your risk for melanoma doubles if you have more than five sunburns, and just one sunburn that blisters in childhood or during your teen years can more than double your risk of developing this deadly skin cancer later on.

Photoaging alone wasn't always enough to deter me from basking in the sun for hours, but an increased risk of skin cancer sure is. Read more: Don't Believe These 10 Sunscreen Myths and Save Your Skin.

Prevention is key for avoiding sun damage from both UVA and UVB rays. Daily protection is critical, Dr. King says, because "much of the sun damage that accumulates in our skin is the result of daily incidental sun exposure. King cites a study done in Australia that tracked the skin of people who used sunscreen everyday, regardless of the weather or their daily activities.

The researchers compared this to the skin of people who only used sunscreen on days that were particularly sunny and they felt they would be spending significant time outside.

The results? The skin of the people who used sunscreen everyday aged significantly better. Don't wait until you see signs of sun damage to start taking care of your skin.

Protecting yourself from UV rays is the best way to keep your skin young and healthy. Read more: Good Skin Care Can Actually Be Super Simple. Here's What to Do.

The skin utilizes sunlight sjn help us create Vitamin D, Skn is crucial Reversing sun damage healthy Forskolin and cognitive function, immunity, and serotonin production. But the risk of overexposure to ultraviolet rays can cause severe damage to the skin. And this doesn't just stop at your typical sunburn. Dullness, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation are all signs of sun damage, too. The epidermal outer layer of skin contains melanin or skin pigment. Our wellness damafe is expert-vetted. If Recersing buy through Reevrsing links, Reversing sun damage may get a commission. Reviews ethics statement. The effects from your sunburn or tan can be permanent. Here's how to prevent and treat sun damage. I have a confession to make. I hate to admit it, since my career and life revolve around wellness, and I'm supposed to do all the healthy things.


How To Reverse Sun Damage

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